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If you want to make ticket reservation for flight by LOT Polish Airlines, or any other Airlines, and pay by credit card please call 416 255 5000. For payment by cheque or cash, please call our customer service at 416-255-5000 for appointment, or contact us by email to:travel@lotcanada.com . We can also send you tickets or insurance by e-mail. We will also offer you the best price for flight within Canada

Customer service open: Monday to Friday from 10:00AM to 6:00PM, and Saturday from 10:00AM to 2:00PM
We will beat any AIR Ticket, and Vacation price

CUBA - Very nice vacation,
We are organizing polish group for vacations in Cuba on 17 February 2017(7 or 14 days). Call or email for more information. Please call us for reservation.
PERU - Very interesting trip,
Polish GROUP to PERU for 7 days (to see Lima, Cusco, Machu Pichu etc. will be 18 September.For more details please call us. Price will be depand of size of group. We are starting registration without payments.

CHINA- Very nice trip, magnificent. We are organizing polish group for 10 days to China, 07 April, and October 2017 (all inclusive: flight, transfers, accomodations 5* hotels, food, tips, and all entrances to very attractive places) to China for only 1049.50 CAD plus tax 480 CAD, and tips $100. Please call 416 2555000 or mail to:travel@lotcanada.com, and we will send you short film, program (itenerary), and registration form.

HAWAII - Very nice trip.We also plan to organize 9 - 10 days trip for polish group to Hawaii on September 2017. Please call for registration. Price $1388 plus tax $217 (included: flight, transfers, accomodations(hotels)(not incl.food). Optional: a lot of very attactive trips:Oahu Island, Honolulu, and other Islands: Maui,Big Island, Kauai. For program, registration form, and details please call 416 2555000 or mail to:travel@lotcanada.com

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